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Leawood is in Johnson County Kansas. It is full of rich, spoiled, wigga preppies who live off their parents. Most kids here are the kind of kids you would see on My Super Sweet Sixteen. 90% of the kids here have $20,000+ cars their parents gave them on their 16th birthday. This city is full of literally million dollar+ homes. Their police, who have nothing better to do because there is no crime do to the wealth, pull you over and write you warnings for laws that don't exist(yes, that happened to me) and then act like they are letting you off. The police also think that they have the same power as the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. Avoid this place at all cost.
Leawood is an excellent example of hell, unless you extremely rich, spoiled, and white.
by Arkansassucks May 28, 2009
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