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Noun: An older woman who has become sexually frustrated and can no loner attract men. This leads her to hate men in general. The first stage in Leatherpuss evolution, followed by Lesbian Leatherpuss, and Desertpuss
Etymology: Named for the leathery exterior of their vagina. Singular and plural form: Leatherpuss
Ex 1: The embittered woman became a Leatherpuss, blaming everything that went wrong in her life on men.
Ex 2: Most of my coworkers were Leatherpuss, old crones who hated the world.
Ex 3: A bone dry, crusty vagina probably belongs to a Leatherpuss.

Ex 4: The feminist rally had some legitimate members, but some were Leatherpuss who just hated men
by The Leathery May 22, 2013
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