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The time between 4 and 6 A.M. when you're not sure to consider it late or early.
Damon: Dude, it's late.
Rachel: Nah bro, it's early.
In unison: IT'S LEARLY!
by Rachel Damon July 20, 2011
The bane of many students, especially IB students, 'learly' is the period of time during the dark hours where it is impossible to discern whether it is late at night or early the next morning.
Ugh, I went to bed so learly because of that IA!

It was learly enough that I didn't know whether I should put March 1 or March 2 at the top of my paper.

When it gets learly, my brain just shuts down, I don't know why I even bother trying to get any work done!
by gmibstudent March 02, 2009
(Noun)(LER-lee)The point between a late night and an early morning. Generally the point where the level of intelligence of the involved party decreases dramatically and movements become sluggish and uncoordinated. Usually only occurs during an all nighter.
"Dude, that didn't make any sense..."
"Whatever leave me alone, it's learly."
by xCNastyx July 10, 2008
A combination of the word "late" and "early"
Damn, it's 2 A.M. already? Can't believe it's so learly!
by OhIDid October 13, 2013
The point in time where you have been up so long the sun is now rising. But since you have not been to sleep it seems as though you have stayed up really late. Though at the same time it's early in the morning.
"Damn dude it's so learly, I can't believe I've stayed up this late look the sun is now shining."
by Adeff the Hatter October 11, 2011
Late yet Early. A person who is usually early but its late for them and yet still ahead of schedule. POA is the exact opposite of Learly, meaning, She is usually LATE and still Late but not as late as usual.
I went to sleep so learly yesterday at like 6AM.
by Diana Cardenas Perdomo June 03, 2008