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Tall (6'0-6'6), sexy, cute, lean guy withhh tigghht abs.
Yo did you see that guy over there? Totally a lean cuisine hit it

by baddestbitchnumba2 July 14, 2011
Diet frozen food with many varieties. My favorite being macaroni and cheese.
I bought 10 boxes of Lean Cuisine because it was on sale.
by Eliz-uh-buff June 22, 2006
A tall and skinny, but goodlooking and muscularly toned man.
Most girls like giant, buff, men, but I am more into a nice Lean Cuisine.
by HamptonHawkeye October 17, 2011
when something is so horrible, that you begin to laugh & cry at the same time
mr. capriolla is such a sucky teacher, he would be the mac & cheese of lean cuisine.
by autumn freakin' turner November 06, 2007
a boughetto way of defining a limousine.
We were so classy last night, we took a lean cuisine out to the bar.
by tdk0524 January 09, 2011
Main Entry: lean cui-sine
Pronunciation: \ˈlēn, kwi-ˈzēn, kwē-\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English lenen, Late Latin coquina --- more at Felix

1 : a chronic marijuana smoker
2 : to lean
3 : Felix
That guy smokes just as much as Lean Cuisine!
by anonylol September 10, 2008
When you drink too much lean and you barf it out.
Damn homie, talk it easy on that lean. I don't want no lean cuisine on my sofa.
by KimcheeBZ June 16, 2016
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