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All u do iz you kind of bend your kness somtimes and just lean and snap.Almost like the snap dance but a lil different.Snap dance u just throw your hands out,lean, and snap.So back to l.w.i..r.w.i. turn lean right snap yo fingaz & lean left snap yo fingaz.Then u can just add yo own thing in it and there u go.Do it wit da song Lean Wit It,Roc Wit by: Dem Franchise Boyz,Snap Yo fingaz By:Lil Jon,E-40, & Sean Paul(Young Bloodz),or even Do it To it By: Cherish, OR WATEVA SONG U WANNA DO IT TOO!!!!lol
I Love to do Lean Wit It,Rock Wit It!
Rock den bend yo knees everytyme da beat drop wit DFB & Monice.
by LaRen August 28, 2006
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be creative dance lean roc snap
pretty much one of the best songs, by dem franchize boyz, right now
today i turned on the radio lean wit it, rock wit it was playin.
by Rager07 June 04, 2006
14 35