"Leaky", or "being leaky"; a "leak" - A derogatory term used in motorcycle flat-track racing, usually in professional racing, to describe a rider with illogical, unpredictable or unorthodox racing tactics.

A rider who often strays from the normal racing lines into and out of corners, for no apparent reason. An untalented and often dangerous rider.
"Be careful riding near #45. He's leaky; you never know where he's going next."
by ChuckL- 49 July 09, 2012
Top Definition
A line of cocaine. Also known as rips, dings and bumps. Plural; leaks
Nelson woke up from a hangover and did a line of leaky's
by Pushpinder November 17, 2013
The condition of crying a little. Dribbling a few tears rather than bawling your guts out.
I watched some silly chick flick with my ex and ended up getting all leaky.
by RoadRashRK February 08, 2014
A girl, usuallly a SLUT.
But she's really awesome.
A complete party animal that's down for anythinggg! DUH.
She's the best, and never fails to make you laugh.
That girl, right there, is SO Leaky.
by Hannah CORE February 13, 2009
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