3 definitions by RoadRashRK

The opposite of a wheelie--hitting the brakes so hard the back wheel comes off the ground. Pretty much needs to be a sportbike with sticky tires.
Bob got a new set of gumballs, but all he uses them for is so he can do brakies on the way to work.
by RoadRashRK July 09, 2011
The condition of crying a little. Dribbling a few tears rather than bawling your guts out.
I watched some silly chick flick with my ex and ended up getting all leaky.
by RoadRashRK February 08, 2014
Really soft sticky racing tires esp. when used on the street. In street use you may only get 1500 miles/tire or less, but hey, if it keeps you from sliding into oncoming traffic.
Bob doesn't ride his bike to work anymore, he's saving the gumballs for Saturdays in the canyons.
by RoadRashRK July 09, 2011

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