Leah is a word to describe the most amazing friend! A leah is crazy, awesome, definetly weird, totally pretty, and HISTERICAL! She is always there for you and makes you smile on your bad days.
hahahaha you are so funny! Your such a leah!
by dasdhalkshdakjhdksjahda October 18, 2010
She's so sweet, cool, and funny, everyone likes being around her. Yet she's full of contraditions.
Leah is all ladylike, yet always surprises people with her candor and wicked wit; she appears delicate, but is tough as nails; she seems so breezy, lighthearted and easy going, but is deeply religious and sincere; she's like "still waters", all calm on the surface, but deep and mysterious underneath.
by dumblikeafox February 03, 2010
Leah-noun. Leah is an amazing girl with a sparkling personality. She is usually super friendly and nice. She is also incredibly intelligent, and often uses long words that almost no one knows. She usually gets great grades on tests and never has to study. Leah also has a great sense of humor, which is mostly sarcasm. She is also very pretty, especially her eyes and hair, even though she doesn't think so. She is often the Peacemaker of any group she is in. Leah doesn't like invading privacy and annoying others. She is sometimes shy and anti-social. Leah does not have full confidence in herself, even though she should. When she is with her friends, she is crazy and hyper. If you insult her, she couldn't care less. If you insult her friends, her coming at you is the last thing you will see for a while.
Friend: Ugh! I did terribly on that test! I got an 86!

Leah: What? An 86 is a great grade!

Friend: Oh yeah? What did you get?!

Leah: *mumbles* 103...

Friend: Of course...
by Jbluv July 07, 2012
The name of you(the person looking this up on urban dictionary) or the name of someone you know
Ha, I wonder what Urban Dictionary says about me....lemme just look up 'Leah' here....
by leah is the awesomest November 13, 2011
a Lady in the truest sense, will not go where she feels unwanted or uninvited.
person 1: Why isn't Leah at the party?
person 2: She wasn't invited by the host on FB.
person 1: So? Other ppl crashed it!
person 2: Well, Leah's a lady, she's not rude like them.
by la3byrd March 18, 2010
One hell of a girl. Amazing, gorgeous, funny, smart and brilliant. Has eyes that you can get lost in, and a smile that will make anyone love her. If you know a Leah don't lose her, she'll be the best thing that will ever happen to you.
Guy: Whoa man that girls definitely a Leah
Guy's friend: How'd you know?
Guy: It's the eyes man, you get totally lost in them
Guy's friend: Loser...
by BraveEugene August 01, 2012
A fun, cute, tall, skinny, and HOT babe. Verry crazyy, she can make you laugh/smile on your worst day. Great Friend and easy to love, just don't annoy her.
I love my gilfriend/bff, shes a total leah

leah is reallly pretty
by amy launday August 11, 2010

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