A synonym for soul-mate. A Leah is definitely the kind of person everyone needs one of. Leah's are incredibly compassionate and caring to their lover. Leah's mean everything to the person they love and are loved the same way in return.
Leah: I love you so much.
Cameron: I truly think that you are meant for me, Leah.
by TakeAGuess:) August 28, 2011
Of amazing beauty and unbarably nice...very attractive and ahmazing. Hater of the mean (c) lover of the nice! Abnormally large butt
Shes such a Leah, I mean look at her booty
by CARRLZ May 04, 2011
A girl who is totally awesome and can relate with you to just about anything. Leah's are sweet, cute and have beautiful smiles. They know just how to make your day and lift your spirits. They also love to tease and have a great sense of humor.
Dude you going to hang out with Leah?

Duh Leah is the definition of awesome.

Leah; of awesomeness
by Purpzdrgn January 18, 2012
crazy, beautiful, amazing, so great, flawless, pretty, funny girl loved by her friend kate who is in 5 of her classes
you are just such a leah.
the *** wants leah
by kate.888.888.888 May 05, 2010
A really nice person, can be wild, and often misunderstands things due to her innocent nature. example, may turn up to a pot party (as in the drug) with a chilli con carni in a pot, thinking it was a party where you bring a pot of something. when she becomes a mother, she is lovely, not over protective, but does things for her children's own good. she loves them and couldn't bare for anything to happen, however she feels she must let them free and will not keep them captured. all together a well rounded lovely person, she may she herself as average but is much much more. This was written by someone who Knows Leah, very well, considering she is my mum. and i no these are facts.
Wow. she really cares for those kids! thats Leah you know!
by XanLeaRobJac- Family August 16, 2011
the love of my life. she makes me laugh, she makes me smile. she is literally the best i ever had. you won't come across too many Leah's because she's one of a kind. i love MY Leah so much! This word is usually used to when you see a potential wife.
Omg, thats my Leah!
by Ol Reg July 05, 2011
Female of the human species who loves sandwiches and has awesome socks
Whoa look at Leah she has awesome socks and sandwiches
by Spider Box March 11, 2013

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