a person who is no longer a little girl, but refuses to give up the essence of such. is obbsesed w/ everything beauty related. best friend is possibly clinically insane but there is no proof on such subject yet. people tend to think her older than she is. is truthful, if she doesn't like you, then she will tell you straight up; to your face no less. she doesnt care if u hate her. is a closet nerd and a closet sensitive. doesnt really like the fact that her best friend has moved... twice w. dif people. hates the fact that there is so much space between were she lives and them. enjoys life. laziest girl you will ever meet. enjoys knowing more than the teacher's. every person has a leah in their life. she is the "rock" in her groups of friends and keeps them from floating away, like silly little balloons. enjoys the fact that she is veiwed as a peer to most people, no matter their age. is often thought to be precognitive as she seems to have de ja vu quite often. loves her friends and boyfriend to the max compacity of her ability. is often told that she is gorgeus. often rejects complements, is used to times before she was pretty, when she was made fun of. doesnt take what you say lightly. speaks sarcasm as a first language, second is english, all others reign last. feels that everyone should be her best freind.
"that girl, she reminds me this movie star."

"dont tell her that, she hates to hear compliments, she says she wants to be judged otherwise."

"what a silly, yet down to earth girl"

"what did you expect?...she's a leah!"

by OOOOOOO.oooooooooooo October 11, 2009
Leah- Goddess body and Beautiful but doesnt realize it, has a great sense of style, hates labels, loves big hair, gives the best advice, can sometimes become hysterical but that adds to her personality, shes seems like a quiet good girl when you first meet her but when you actually get to know her shes quite the oppisite. She gets frustrated at clingy people at times and can get offended easily but thats because she doesnt have the highest of self esteems. Even though there is no reason for her esteem to be so slow, shes gorgeousssss. Obsessed with movies. Know-it-all, but really isn't. She gives everyone a chance no matter who you are. Shes an amazing person. If you know her, consider yourself lucky.
Guy1: who's that?
Guy2: that Leah.
Guy1: she's gorgeous!
by Fly_girl123 July 23, 2014
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet, white with blond hair and blue eyes. She is cute, funny, out going, but at times can be a little shy.
She is the perfect catch and all the guys want her.

She loves her family and friends. Everything about her is superb.

She will love you with all her heart.
Guy 1: Wow she is one cool girl.
Guy 2: Yeah because she is Leah.
by Alokk August 31, 2012
Loves goldfish, not geometry Wish I wasn't such a fuck up so I could call her mine.
Leah is my bagel
by Leahisntthatbad69 November 22, 2014
(n.) A girl who will string you along for months or years, showing up at the most random times, hookup with you and then leave. All the while calling you "just friends." Yeahhh okkk. Leah will totally captivate you, she is exciting, seductive, adventurous, and interesting, but she will BREAK YOUR HEART. You will think you are the only one, but you are just one of her many "friends." But she really is an amazing girl who I will always remember. I just wish Leah could let people who care about her close to her. Date at your own risk.
Leah - Hey man sorry it's real late, I know I haven't seen you for a few weeks
Dude- Leah! how are you?
Leah - oh ya know, can I stay the night?
Dude - .... yeah sure

(next morning)

Leah - I am so glad we are good friends
Dude - (confused) yeah, uh, me too
by Daveboiii January 30, 2012
A small girl usually, very pretty very sexy. Is usually amazing In any sexual way and a great person to have in your life. Do not always trust this type of person, looks can be deceiving and sadness could occur.
That bitch I used to talk to was a total Leah!!
by kushgod3hunna November 07, 2014
leahs are bundles of fun. filled with un-limited shit jokes, but never fail to make you laugh (sometimes out of pitty). leahs are strong believers of the dinner goblin and could eat to save their lives.

leahs are generally short, sarcastic and smiley.

their daily lives tend to stick to a usual routine: in the morning, heavy drum and bass, a fatty skank and a breakfast with a massive line of Ketchup. at midday, heavy drum and bass, a fatty skank and a lunch with a massive line of Ketchup and in the evening heavy drum and bass, a fatty skank and a dinner with a massive line of Ketchup.

they love ketchup.
person: hey, whos that... listening to jokes and eating ketchup?

person 2: oh, thats just leah. shes so cool.
by cheesyweezy December 14, 2012

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