Leah is amazingly gorgeous, although she doesn't seem to think so. She is the funniest person your ever meet if you get to know Her. She's normally shy when you first meet her though. She really likes boys and when she finds one she always falls for him hard. She lacks self confidence but is always there for her friends.
person 1: yooo man you see leah today?
person 2: YEAA NIGGA, she be lookin fly as h3llllllll
by biblegirl9038 December 05, 2014
A freaking sexy girl with a big ass. She has all the curves. Her personality is great and her Sarcasm adds to it. She loves to tease guys. Playfully and sexually. Is usually seen hanging out with a bunch of guys. You may think of her as a whore but she isn't. She is shy if you don't talk to her but once you know her she's out going and sweet. Make her mad she's beat your ass. Anyone who knows a Leah is lucky
"Hey dude who was that girl you are with? She's freaking hot!"

"Oh Leah? Yeah I know" *smirk*
by Allisbuttman1 January 02, 2015
Leah is equivalent to performing certain types of incredibly embarrassing actions. It is completely accidental and yet totally in character. You don't only "Leah" once. You "Leah" several times a day. Leahing is asking valid questions that come off stupid or have some other unintended, embarrassing meaning.
"OMG that girl just ran to give her boyfriend a hug and totally tripped one second before she got to him. She TOTALLY just Leah'd."
by weknowall September 12, 2013
A Leah is a strange and mythical beast. She can usually be found in her natural habitat of the toilets, holding her phone and mascara. Having great skills of putting on make up has made her the master of mirrors. Get on the wrong side of this wild female and you will not be in a group selfie...
Gigi: I didn't see you on Leah's snap chat story this morning
Craig: Yeah... I made her jump while she was reapplying her eyeliner and made her drop her phone so she wouldn't let me into her selfie this morning
Callum: Damn, you made her drop her phone!!! You're never gonna be on her snapchat again...
by inciting_incident January 27, 2015
Loves goldfish, not geometry Wish I wasn't such a fuck up so I could call her mine.
Leah is my bagel
by Leahisntthatbad69 November 22, 2014
A girl who can act like a very nice sweet innocent little kid but on the inside the total opposite...
Oh wow did u notice how Leah acted today so unlike her
by dena1234567890 February 26, 2015
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet, white with blond hair and blue eyes. She is cute, funny, out going, but at times can be a little shy.
She is the perfect catch and all the guys want her.

She loves her family and friends. Everything about her is superb.

She will love you with all her heart.
Guy 1: Wow she is one cool girl.
Guy 2: Yeah because she is Leah.
by Alokk August 31, 2012

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