Once upon a time the greatest video game in history, Warcraft III, was released. Included with the game was a powerful "World Editor" which allowed players create their own gametypes. These custom games provided a haven for the 30-apm ladder dropouts.

Dota, a game where players managed a single hero and no base, was the most popular and best-supported of these customs. Eventually there were a number of attempts to monetize on its popularity.
League of Legends, or LoL, was arguably the most successful of these attempts. The game was developed by dota's former developers and borrowed heavily from its predecessor. Introducing the game via a free-to-play model ensured millions of broke teenagers would download it and get hooked. Then later, when they received birthday money or just stole their mom's credit card, they could spend much more than a standard $40 game price unlocking game content that would have been free under a conventional system. To ensure the game would have universal appeal, riot removed game mechanics that punished the unskilled, such as denying. The base income was increased beyond even "easymode" levels compared to dota so that all players would have gold to spend, and item guide railroaded players into the best items.
Guy 1: Man I love wc3
Guy 2: I suck at that game, I uninstalled it.
Guy 1: You should at least try dota, you only control one unit so even a noob can play it
Guy 2: I tried dota and I get pubstomped every time
Guy 1: Oh well how about League of Legends. It's like apem but there's no denying, and most of the players on it are pretty bad. Also it's free
Guy 2: Oh yea I'm silver on LoL. I plan to go pro at it.

Player 1: Dude the other day i was watching theoddone's stream and he played a match of wc3 during queue. He sucks! he lost to some 45% scrub in solo
Player 2: Well what do you expect, you control more than one unit in that game
by joey billionaires September 14, 2012
A great game currently ran by greedy Chinese Overlords bent on squeezing money out of their customers via the micro-transaction model, locked-at-high champion and rune IP/RP prices, reduced IP income, themed skins aka: Legendary skins with actual effort put into them while adding some copy/pasta pic of splash art into the skin owner's profile; meanwhile, Riot's feigns having "worked sooo hard on those skins" etc.. This community's highly toxic and volatile, and filled to the brim both in-game and on the forums with trolls.

The Tribunal is some automated system ran by the very source of the problem aka: the community. The community already knows it's automated. Riot's employees troll their own members of the League forums in stealth aka: normal accounts, especially those negatively impacted by the Tribunal. The developers are going the way of EA and Blizzard, not giving a shit about their community while carrying out their game/forum-changing decisions forcefully knowing full well the players can't do shit about it. They use their player's addictions against them in every way possible.

This game's turned into a cesspool of negativity, and the forums are now the 4chan of MOBA gaming. Riot continues stifling dissent via trolling in stealth, down-votes, and in worst-case scenarios, permanent forum and/or in-game bans. The forum moderators especially particular reds also issue IP bans if you rub them the wrong way too many times.
<player> I've been banned from League of Legends.
<stealthed red #1> good riddance.
<stealthed red #2> you won't be missed.
<stealthed red #3> see you next week you addict.
<stealthed red #4> PULSEFIRE EZREAL wHERE aka: overused/spammed-by-stealthed-reds indirect promo-meme to rake in skin sales
<Pendragon> I ban you nao. I'm holier than thou because I'm the red running the ambiguous/automated Tribunal that can never be questioned, especially while my stealthed red stay trolling you and fling poo at you on the forums while they all down-vote you into oblivion. I simply pull up a history of your losses where you vented your anger, and then use it all against you to permaban your account and potentially get you to stupidly re-spend your money on some new account. My reds and I will also stifle your dissent while ignoring your pleas because we run the show. So if you don't like it, uninstall. See you tomorrow.
by ZeusInASpeedo July 26, 2012
A game created by Riot games. Essentially, it is very similar to DotA (Defense of the Ancients). It is free to play with some pay features, however there is no need to pay, the only benefit is like new clothes for a character than gives no stats or anything. Runes are gained in leveling so there is no unfair advantage for the richies. Free to play and essentially a good time.
Alex: Dude let's play some LoL
*Game commences*
Colin: Dude, this is great, lets gank that guy.
Tyler:Dude Jared's totally going to kill him in League of Legends.
Jared: Dude, i so got him. Im just like straight up chiefin the chop BFE. Penta kill!
Everyone: League of Legends is so chill.
by Klaxie April 16, 2011
A game based on DotA, developed by Riot Games. After its release, it became very popular (being a free game helped at that), and has earned a place in MLG and other eSports.

Correcting the other definitions, Riot Games did not make the original DotA in Warcraft III, they just modded the DotA map that was created by Eul.
Tim: Wanna play League of Legends?

Bob: You mean that Dota ripoff? No thank you

Tim: Its not a ripoff, LoL is much better gameplay-wise

Bob: I guess I'll try it

Soon after his first game, Bob becomes a dedicated League of Legends player.
by Terrazine October 23, 2011
League of Legends is a MMORPG inspired by a map called "Defense of the Ancients" for Warcraft: The Frozen Throne and is aimed at players aged 13 or older. The game is developed and published by Riot Games for MicrosoftWindows.

Because everyone is different, lots of things can make other's game experience worse. Here are some things that can very often ruin your experience in this game;

#1 At start of the game, from your team of 5 players, one player Ragequits.
#2 At any moment of the game, some players leave your team due to unknown reason / disconnect / having to go while finding a replacement is impossible.
#3 No one in your team is helping each other, which causes deaths and sometimes abusive behaviour
#4 For no actual reason, you are sworn and picked at after doing what you are supposed to, when the other(s) are not and blame you for their mistake
#5 Getting noobs as your teammates, as example; Sion is defending a turret, Rammus attacks the turret after minion wave gets near it - Sion doesn't do anything but auto-attacks the minions, allowing Rammus to destroy the turret.
6# Players threaten to report and get you banned because of their jealousity / want to have fun / other reason.
Player 1: omfg League of Legends sux ffs u guys r low lvl noobs i go bye
-Player 1 has disconnected-

Player 1: i gotta go soon
-Player 1 has disconnected-

Player 1: PLEASE help me even a little for fs sake.
Player 2: lol ur a noob
Player 3: L2P Player 1
-Player 2 attacks enemy-
-Player 1 tries to help, victory is certain if both players attack-
-Player 2 backs off-
-Player 1 is targeted because Player 2 got away and Player 1 is being slowed so he can't get away / to enemy quick-
-Player 1 dies-
Player 4: lol ur a noob like he said
Player 1: wow, i get killed after trying to help him(which after he ran), pathetic.

Player 2: help me u ****ing sh**, noob a**h*l*
Player 1: I tried to help you, but to save myself and not give enemy more gold, I had to back off.
Player 2: stfu ur useless
-Player 2 continues ranting-

Player 3: What u mean dont autoattack? sry i know i shuldnt ulti to their turret but i almost killed anivia

Player 5: im gonna report u for intentional feeding u noob lol and also because u dont help
-Player 5 is pretty much talking about himself when compared to your play/stats-
by Read the Summoner's Code November 17, 2010
An extremely popular game that now has more players than World of Warcraft.

Although it is free, so perhaps that's not as big an accomplishment as it sounds, but free or not, many people pay money to get skins for their favorite characters. Anything you buy with real money besides skins, you can get with the in game currency as well, so there is no disadvantage on people who don't pay.

The genre is hard to explain, but is a somewhat rare one, known as a MOBA. This means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The goal of the game is to fight your way into the opponent's base and destroy their "Nexus". I put it quite simply, but the average game takes around 40 minutes, and has quite a bit to it.

This game has an extremely huge learning curve of anywhere from 2-10 hours for most people, sometimes more. In order to become good at the game, it takes several weeks, although it is more casually oriented.

For those not interested in casual play, this game was featured at Dreamhack with a $100,000 USD prize pool in June 2011, where several teams fought in competition for the prize.

It is a very fun game, but not something many people can just pick up.
(Player One)Un4givenVengence: Hey lets play some league of legends, its so fun.
(player Two)FCS SCOUT: Yea sure thing lets play the new maps of dominion.

Both Usernames listed above are real, they are both my accounts, add me if you want to play or if u want to learn how to, scorpon07@gmail.com is my email send me an email and ill show u everything there is to know
by Un4givenVengence December 28, 2011
A mediocre game run by amateur developers.
Guy 1 : Dude, I was waiting in queue to play League of Legends for like 20 minutes.

Guy 2 : Why the hell would you do that? Waiting in line for LoL is like waiting in line for a shit sandwich.
by FuzzyFists April 30, 2011

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