To leave work 12 minutes early
Steve: You left the office early yesterday
John: Oh yeah, just pulled a Lebron because I couldn't stand the pressure of having so much work.

Steve: Pulling a Lebron is such a bitch move
by mactus June 15, 2011
To back stab your home on national television.
Damn that was cold what he did to Cleveland, he really pulled a LeBron.
by Frozen salsa July 09, 2010
The ultimate betrayal, worse than a Benedict Arnold.
Gloria: I had sex with Delonte
LBJ: Moooommmmm!
Gloria: I LeBroned you like you like you LeBroned Cleveland.
by Brent Cleveland July 11, 2010
Defecation is the final act of digestion by which organisms eliminate solid, semisolid or liquid waste material (feces) from the digestive tract via the anus.
After my morning cup of coffee I usually take a lebron.
by Akroncavsfan July 09, 2010
The act of being a ball hog the ENTIRE game but yet still being able to keep the score or lead close..until the final minutes where you choke and blow the game if and ONLY IF you are playing a good team
Kendell dominated the entire game but he pulled a Lebron and we lost the championship game.
by Frank W R January 25, 2009
(v.) To royally fuck over a former employer, lover or friend.
Brad: Dude, you coming on the camping trip this weekend?
Dan: No man, I can't make it.
Brad: Dude, don't Lebron us, asshole.

Kyle: Yea I started fucking my ex-girlfriend's sorority sister to get back at her.
Rob: Dude, that's straight up LeBron.
by kyleatx July 09, 2010
1. (v.) to stab someone (or something) in the back by leaving in an extravagant manner, such as getting a one-hour TV special to let your decision be known.

2. (n.) A person with a giant ego that needs to be in control. Tends to leave loved ones, hurting those people in the process.
1. Friend: How are you planning to LeBron you're fiance?
Groom: I'm probably going to get up on the table during the rehearsal dinner and tell everyone that I'm leaving her. Afterwards, I'll slap her and pour wine all over her.

2. Friend: Are you okay?
Bride: No. Jack just left me at the rehearsal dinner.
Friend: It's okay. You don't want to marry a LeBron anyways.
by xprime3234 July 09, 2010

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