When 2 guys are at side by side urinals and someone runs up and rotates guy 1 so he pees on the feet of guy 2.
Mike used Jesse to lazy susan me.
by Rocket Saus September 03, 2008
The act of giving oral to a quadriplegic woman.
I gave my grandma a Lazy Susan for her birthday.
by Post Sex Peace Dream July 22, 2009
Tea bagging someone while they are passed out in a barcalounger.
Either Ted had a long day at work or drank too much. Phil Lazy Susan'd his ass last night when he got home and took a picture with his camera phone. Check out his facebook.
by VersaceSomebodyShotME February 05, 2009
An explicit sex move where the girl just takes it from the guy. She does not show emotion or say a word but just lays there and takes it.
Casey: What's a Lazy Susan

Chris: Well it's where a girl just takes it. It was named after that shy skanky girl Susan.
by Christopher Chan October 29, 2007
The act of smashing your ball sack against the shower door while it is wet in order to give anyone there a pleasant suprise.
You faggot! I didn't need a lazy susan while I was trying to pinch a loaf.
by Henry Wallabe May 24, 2005
When you insert your cock into the mouth of a drunk, passed out broad and jizz in her mouth until she chokes and wakes up.
Man did you see that lazy susan I just gave to Veronica!
by nonGLP October 06, 2003

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