Sex with a double amputee. Put the person with no appendages on your dick and twirl her around like a Lazy Susan.
Because I support our troops, for the 4th of July, I picked up a vet and we did the Lazy Susan.
by Lazy Susan 4 July 10, 2010
A woman gives fellatio while sitting on a toilet seat defecating--it is the female equivalent of a blumpkin.
John: Man, I really wanted a blow job, but Liza had diarrhea.

Michael: Dude, you should have just asked for a Lazy Susan.
by Pierre Longcock January 12, 2011
(v): The act of farting in a revolving door, thereby leaving a present for the next entrant.
"Jesus, that asshole that just went in lazy susanned this revolving door!"
by Austin Pealy August 22, 2009
The act of a woman spinning 360 degrees on a males penis while preforming intercourse.
My and my wife got bored so we tried the Lazy Susan.
by zskibum October 16, 2010
Taking a dump on top of the toilet seat cover.
I hate that motherfucker so much I dropped a Lazy Susan in his upstairs bathroom.
by Johnnyyyyyyyyy November 02, 2008
Two girls are 69'ing on a lazy susan. A guy fucks one (anally or vaginally) then pulls it out and puts into the other girl's mouth, then spins the girls on the lazy susan and goes again. Variation on the double fun-dip.
I am going to Lazy Susan the Bronson twins.
by Burrito Mandingo May 17, 2009
When a man is too lazy to pull out of his partners vagina, without a condom he ejaculates inside of her then proceeds to piss in her cooter without her knowledge
I was so tired last night so after I blew it in my lady I gave her a lazy susan
by DickThickett9er February 26, 2009

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