When a man is too lazy to pull out of his partners vagina, without a condom he ejaculates inside of her then proceeds to piss in her cooter without her knowledge
I was so tired last night so after I blew it in my lady I gave her a lazy susan
by DickThickett9er February 26, 2009
Top Definition
It's actually one of those things that you put in the middle of the table and spin around so that you can reach different things. They're really useful for things like carrot sticks and dips.

...And barbeques.

...And drinks.

...Not forgetting passing the butter!

Don't taint the wonderous invention with your dirty meanings.
You have a Lazy Susan? Wow! Can I use it?
by state.of.bliss! October 17, 2007
A sexual position involving a stool, 2 men, and a woman. The woman is positioned comfortably lying on the stool either supine or prone. The 2 men pleasure themselves simultaneously, one with the woman's mouth, the other with either her vagina or anus. This also assist in balancing the woman on the stool. The term describes the rotating of the woman by spinning the stool when the men desire to trade orifices.
"Hey JM, we should totally Lazy Susan that hot girl at work!"

"You might want to clean that stool off before you sit on it. Tom and I Lazy Susan'd your mom last night".
by AngryVida January 10, 2012
When a girl attempts to shave her vagina but can't seem to get to the bottom part leaving a goatee like appearance.
That lazy susan on Brittany was about 2 inces long!
by Melosh November 21, 2006
A household gadget, usually stored in a cupboard,which consists of a base and a circular table that spins, upon which ingredients and medicine are usually stored. Named after a probably fictional harlot back in the olden days of piracy, where sailors, pressed for time, would lay a prostitute down on the said contraption, and, to facilitate each man taking his turn, they'd rotate her to the next client, cutting time of the then-standard practice of assigning different rooms to different customers.
Hun', could you pass me one of those Tylenols? They're on the lazy susan.

She was turning tricks quickly as if she were on a lazy susan.
by The Speechcrafter September 23, 2012
A pivot girl who has decided to eschew the discomfort common to shifting between gentlemen through usage of a lazy susan.
"That Lazy Susan was effortlessly breaking records while looking comfortable all the while. Hats off to her!"
by Pelsmagesey April 04, 2012
A guy receives a handjob from a girl but he grasps the girls hand and moves it. The man is giving himself a handjob but instead of using his own hand he uses the woman's hand.

When a guy masturbates using a woman's hand.
I convinced her to give me a handjob but she just gave me a Lazy Susan instead.
by F Wizzleton November 15, 2009
A prostitute who has her entire leg amputated as a customer service so she doesn't have to waste time spreading her legs.
A Lazy Susan is also good for table top sex. Give her a spin !
by EOP165 July 19, 2011

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