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A woman who would be a lesbian but is too lazy to commit to actively participate in a lesbian lifestyle.
She would have been a lesbian but she was too lazy...she is a lazbian.
by SargeT25.5 June 27, 2009
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When a girl is too lazy to do their hair and make up and actually try to meet a guy so they just become a lesbian.
Did you hear that they're Lazbians now? They never wanted to go out with us on the weekends and now they just stay home and lick each other.
by Finegirl73 November 23, 2015
Two girls that were too lazy to do their hair or make up and decide it's too much work to meet a man so they just stay home and become lesbians.
They won't ever go out with us anymore, they just stay home and lick eachother they're a couple of lazbians now.
by Finegirl73 October 17, 2015

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