Layne Staley, lead singer of "Alice In Chains"

Overdosed in 2002.
"Layne Staley sang 'Dam That River'".
by Spencer B. June 20, 2004
Top Definition
A girl that is very sweet but is sometimes outspoken. She knows when the time comes to stand up for herself but is shy around new people. She is somewhat athletic and has nice hair and beautiful eyes. Shes very smart and will stand up for her friends and enemies. Don't make her mad or she'll become a raging bull.
Layne is so smart but she is a little intimidating....
by Kiba1996 December 26, 2009
layne : A sexy bad butt fool. he will take on every mofo that comes in front of him. he is kind and wants to fall in love hard and fast.
boy: you suck
layne: (beats face in)
by hiphopthugsta April 29, 2012
A smart, talented, very athletic, extremely good looking young man. Has countless girls crushing on him. He is very muscular.
Damn Kattie I wish Layne was mine for the taking.
by Renyal July 06, 2015
The most beautiful girl in the world, tends to be very good at sports and dance and Will get a boyfriend without even trying. layne's tend to like llamas and hate alpacas. Layne is feisty and is overall a great gf and person.
"Did you see that girl?"

"Ya her name must be layne"
by Llamacorn21 April 19, 2015
Another name for a Fuckboy
That's Layne. He hits up 4 girls in one night for nudes.
by MusicWiz5678 May 04, 2016
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