Layne Staley, lead singer of "Alice In Chains"

Overdosed in 2002.
"Layne Staley sang 'Dam That River'".
by Spencer B. June 20, 2004
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A girl that is very sweet but is sometimes outspoken. She knows when the time comes to stand up for herself but is shy around new people. She is somewhat athletic and has nice hair and beautiful eyes. Shes very smart and will stand up for her friends and enemies. Don't make her mad or she'll become a raging bull.
Layne is so smart but she is a little intimidating....
by Kiba1996 December 26, 2009
layne : A sexy bad butt fool. he will take on every mofo that comes in front of him. he is kind and wants to fall in love hard and fast.
boy: you suck
layne: (beats face in)
by hiphopthugsta April 29, 2012
Notorious for its likeness to a milk drinker and its baulking at the finishing post, Layne is a country Victorian Racehorse trained by the great Daryl Archard who trains other superstars such as Warringah. Layne is closely related to the feline family and is highly touted to be the next big thing in dog food.

See Also: Dell.
Jackson: "Adam, surely you aren't backing Layne today?"
Adam: "Yes Jackson, I hate money and so does Big Al"
by adamluxhahaha October 14, 2012
A boy with a 12 year old girl's voice who is commonly mistaken for Justin Bieber's little sister. He will not take care of your baby, neither will he pay child support.

Otherwise known as an asshole.
Hitler was such a Layne.

"Did your Layne decide to visit your son yesterday?"
"He pretends he's not real.." *sigh*
by Shmoe4lyyyfe May 09, 2012
Also known as an Alex or a Lance.

Is a person that is a complete douche bag. Generally having a little or no penis. Is someone that is homosexual, enjoys anal sex, and will try to ejaculate in their own ass if nobody will do it for them, but they cannot succeed because they have such small cocks. They often say random shit in hopes of seducing straight males, however they are too stupid to realize straight males aren't flaming faggots as they are. Also is a person that will fuck a dog in the mouth, jizz on the dog, lick the jizz off the dog and then suck off the dog. They will not use willing dogs, so this is rape.
If you see a Layne, shoot it, it will rape you.
Look at that guy talking about absolutely pointless shit to his friend, he must be a Layne, get me a gun.

Person One: Is wanting to ejaculate in my ass normal?

Person Two: Fuck no! Only an Alex would want that.

Daughter: Mommy! Mommy! A strange man is sticking an extremely small weewee inside our dog's mouth!

Mother: It's a Lance honey, back away slowing and go get your father.

Father: (30 seconds later) Where is it?!?

Mother: He came so prematurely he already left, what a pussy.
by jermicheal April 13, 2011
your fantasy, wonderworld
Damn, Layne is a wonderworld and she's my fantasy.
by amanda, layne, and angieee November 23, 2007

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