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An initial premise, which is then defended by logical fallacies, including but not limited to Ad hominem attacks, Red Herrings and Association fallacies. When evidence is finally overwhelming that the parties' argument is false, they disappear. Hence, "LayLow Logic".

It needs to be noted that LayLow logic is a chronic behavior, and the individual accused of this has to demonstrate a consistent pattern of this behavior. One or two logical argument mis-steps, and disappearing because of embarrassment, does not make one guilty of "LayLow Logic". A chronic and pathological pattern must be present.

An additional corollary to LayLow Logic is that popularism and perceived peer respect play an impotent role. The party using LayLow Logic with attempt to defect with personal attacks or red herring diversions. In reality, this is party bidding for time, until the particular story drop off the front page of the web or blog site.
Gil claimed the mortgage interest deduction was key to many low income people holding their home. When it was demonstrated by a third party to the debate that most low income people are better off with the standard deduction, Gil disappeared. Since Gil had a chronic habit of this, he was soon accused of LayLow Logic.

Phil, as is normal, had been arguing a point on a blog, but as soon as the story dropped off the front page, Phil disappeared. Since Phil commonly did this, he was soon accused of "LayLow Logic".
by KirksMonkey December 19, 2010
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