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N: A girl or woman who has hooked up or been with 4 or more players on any given lacrosse team.
1. Damn, if we throw that party tonight at the lacrosse house, all the Laxstitutes will come out.

2. Kristin is the biggest Laxstitute at school. She has been through the entire first two midfield lines and both of the goalies!
by A.J. Z January 21, 2006
Any girl who sleeps with a lax bro, just because of his lacrosse prowess and intense flow.
Bro, we need to hook up with some laxstitutes after the game.
by Care to Lax? February 01, 2010
Bitches who cheer at all lacrosse games. Girls who stalk, and obsessively love all lacrosse players.
Damn those laxstitutes were following me after the game yesterday
by meganisawesomehellyeah July 09, 2010
A girl who has gotten with more than two members of one lacrosse team; lacrosse groupie.
This girl may lead to laxers on the team tending to manalyze eachother, because all of them are trying to get with her.
Zach: So Brandon, are you hittin up any ladies this weekend?
Brandn: Yeah, im hittin up Pikesville High School's laxstitute.
Zach: Dam, that trick is hot as shit.
by laxstituter93 April 24, 2009
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