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A cross between "Rawr" and "Lawl" = Lawr

It is laughing or "lawling" in dinosaur.
Lawr! that was so funny
by Not Robert Wash- Nvm August 01, 2011
blithe, breezy, buoyant, calm, careless, cheerful, cheery, cool, easy, easy-going, feelgood, happy, happy-go-lucky, insouciant, jaunty, jovial, laidback, radiant, secure, sunny, unanxious, and unbelievably sexxxy;
most definitely worth dying for (see w.shakespeare)...
her paintings expressed her laurs ways, and continuously stimulated my senses...
by g April 12, 2005
The corrupted version of "law". It has his most famous origins in the Les Misérables musical in 1995 -Broadway-, with Phillip Quast as Inspector Javert. Some people blames his Australian accent.
-I am the Lawr and the Lawr is not mocked!

-I am da lawr. Do nawt mock meh. --fangirl
by y o u r m o m January 29, 2011

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