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A professional War of Warcraft player who often tries to peer pressure his friends into the drug he is addicted to (wow). He enjoys hot tubs filled with warlocks, priests, and various other inhabitants of World of Warcract. A "lawlor" participates in dragging millions of innocent children from their mothers and enlisting them in world of warcraft's system. Despite spending insane hours upon hours of time in his virtual world, he is single and ready to mingle. He likes role playing WoW while performing kinky dirty spells on his partner or "mage" in bed. He also listens to Cradle to the Fifth, a death metal band that scares his classmates. His friends are extremely worried about his health and hope he gets laid sometime between now and age 35.
That mutha fucker's a lawlor.
by jWil21 December 04, 2006

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