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A fat guy laughing as he eats his burger becoz he is so happy that he has got his burger. And as he does so, he spills half of what he is eating on his t-shirt and leaves a stain there that looks like the grossest thing ever, but he still laughs his arse off.
Fatty: ahahaha...LawlBurger!!!
you: wtf man!!! eat that shyt and shut up!!
Fatty: hahah..LawlBurger!!
you: damn!!! shut up!!
Fatty: lol..
by FaTpPlKiLlEr July 22, 2008
Asking for directions on how to perform anal to two guys at once with only using one cock.
I want a lawlburger, super size plz!

Come around to the front window, that will be two pounds of meat in a one pound bag. ty.
by Taeko Hentie April 07, 2006
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