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Labeled as a gang by the police,the Latin Kings are truly a nation of Latin brothers growing and learning. Some individuals in the ALKQN treat it as a gang but they are not true kings. A true king carries himself by following the 5 points of his crown being either love, honor,obedience,sacrifice, and righteousness or respect, honesty,unity, knowledge, and loyalty.
|_ADR__| The Almighty Latin Kings and Queens shall rise against what the media portrays it as.
by King Macho August 15, 2007
the almighty latin king nation is 360 degrees strong. 120 in knowledge, 120 in respect, and 120 in understanding. the ALKQN was founded in collins correctional facility, on jan 20th 1986 by KING BLOOD.all members of the crown must carry themselves w/ respect or recieve a punishment. the initiatin when the ALKQN was true to its cause, was to memorize the vows and prayers, recieve a 3 min head 2 toe beating, and to make a hit. each week you must pay $5, or $20 for the month. the ALKQN is located in chicago. their words of representing is "Amor de rey", meaning king love. the hand sign is folding the middle and ring finger down and leaving the rest up, similar to the goat but not rlly.
amor dey rey brothers.
the latin kings shot up sum disciples and cobras the other day, amor de rey brothers
by XxepochxX January 13, 2007
chicago latin street gang
dat dude a latin king he wore gold and black.
by L.I.R.A.S34ST August 29, 2007