brothers and sisters all around tryin to get back wat was takin from them. to hold up yo pride no matter wat. kings and queens don't give a fuck wat u say and wat u want. we want wat was rightfully ours to begin with. we ain't let no one take us down and keep us down we keep our head high and hold up our crown. we don't give a shyt bout people who our racist because we r the future!!!!!!!!!!!! WE AIN'T NO WORTHLESS THUGS AMOR DE CORONA 5
ALKQN. we still here and fighting ain't no one goin to take us down til death.
by Queen Nieca December 29, 2003
Top Definition
A Nation of oppressed people whos true intentinos are to overcome the oppressive bonds of what ever society/govermnet/group bestows upon them. Although commonly mistaken as a criminal street gang the ALKQN is actualy a revolutionary group, and only a gang by definition(A group of people with a common cause/identifier). There are members who do actively participate in illegal activity, however the teachings of the Kings Manifesto, which is the foundation of the ALKQN in no way teach such actions. Also many members of Folk Nation will "dis" the ALKNQ due to former gang rivalries. However many Kings/Queens such as my self are wroking with these people(in a non-criminal manor) to put an end to such rivalries.
EX. 1 - Latin Kings and Queens are to be held as equals, for we are all a part of the same circle.
EX. 2 - Latin Kings and Queens must put meaningless rivalries behind us and join forces with others in a constructive manor.
by Almight Latin King T.O.N.Y. March 21, 2004
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