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Is a pointless game played amongst friends everywhere.
As seen in a Kyles Nexus One video, titled "those guys"

If a player gets you to repeats yourself verbatim, they say "Heard you the first time" and that's a kill.

If a player gets asked an obvious question, and you answer it, they say "OH RLY!".

If a player figures out you are trying to get them, you can say "Later, Dude!

If you get 3 kills within a 5 minute period, you die. BUt i
Heard you the first time;
(Drinking a coke)
Jova: That's a tasty beverage.
Jordan: What did you say?
Jova: That's a tasty beverage.
Jordan: "Heard you the first time!"
Jova: Damn!

Oh Rly?;
Jordan: Where we at, bro?
Jova: Football game, bro.
Jordan:"OH RLY?!"
Jova: Damn..

Later, Dude;
(watching a football game)
Jova: What are we watching..
Jordan: "Later, dude!!"
Jova: Damn!
by Folie a Deux November 21, 2010

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