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A place in the north-west of the UK, near the centre of Warrington full of chavs, drug dealers, sluts but 2% of it is filled with normal, well behaved people.
A: Where in Warrington do you live?
B:In Latchford
A: God, thats a shit-hole
by Mromnomnomcookie August 17, 2012
One of great importance to all of mankind. The sexiest and the men are the most masculine of all. One can only dream of meeting a Latchford, and if they are lucky enough to meet one their lives are changed forever. The most prolific of these great beings is Harry. They are also the best lovers.
Man I was so depressed, but I just met a Latchford and I feel like just meeting one gives me a reason to live.
by Hello I'm Harry February 06, 2009
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