Someone who is righteous and fights on the side of good, even if it leads to violence or breaking the law.
In the film, the Boondock Saints, these two wily lassiters right the wrongs of criminals in a comical and witty way that wins the cheer of the pubic, mostly.
by kestquixotic June 25, 2008
Top Definition
When you get so drunk you shit yourself and the entire bathroom and have no idea of what happened. You wake up and there is still shit all up in yo pants!!!!
Girl: OMFG it smells like dog shit in here!

Girl 2: You guys what happened to me last night? I woke up and I had shit my pants. I think I pulled a Lassiter!!! The shit was all the way up my back!

Girl: Yea you stupid bitch- you pulled a LASSITER!!! Now go clean all the smeared shit in the bathroom you dirty skank.
by anonymous November 29, 2011
Lassiter is a term used for someone that's a total skank. Lassiter is used for defining a total whore.
Guy: Yo my dick itches so much. I'm scratching it to the point where it burns!!!!!!

Guy2: Man I told you not to go for that easy ass pussy, that girl was such a Lassiter!

Guy: I've taken 5 showers and still feel like that Lassiter is on me. UGH!!!
by anonymous November 29, 2011
The last name of whom the youngest in the immediate family will have the biggest dick . Very smart individuals . Always making people laugh and giggle . Go out of their way for others .one day they will be very wealthy
Look at that lassiter
by Quatin1 June 25, 2015
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