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A disliked person who gets into alot of trouble by hating the Irish, taking stuff without permission and expects something for nothing.
Irishman: Hello
Lashley: Piss off, I hate you! Change your nationality then I'll like you

Hard working person: Hey look what I made
Lashley: Yoink!
Everyone: Lashley you dickweed, make your own

Lashley: Hey give me some money even though I don't deserve it
Randomer: Fuck you Lashley, go and earn it
by vanderplonk September 14, 2007
5 11
The man of a million songs who has a nice beard.
Stu: Oi Lashley you bitch, get me a pint.
by stu March 31, 2005
17 12
A person who is deluded in thinking they are the best dressed person in the world.
I'm sick of that twat going on about fashion. Doesnt he realise he dresses apallingly. What a Lashley..!!
by Ru H. May 30, 2008
2 6