A place where people living outside of Vegas and think that you can bang hookers and get a lot of money by gambling. People think that this place is highly dangerous to be at, but it's not. Las Vegas is the 2nd most lazyest city because of Drug Dealers, fat people, and drug addicts.
Tourist: Let's go to Bellagio or Fremont in Las Vegas and get drunk and streak and fuck hookers in the public!

Other Tourist: Fuck yea!
by Ninja X February 07, 2009
The home of broken families and dirty dreams
I fucking hate Las Vegas.
by Kylie-69 July 10, 2008
Plain and simple the absolute worst city in the whole world. Outside the Strip (which sucks for anyone under 21) the whole city is suburbs. Centennial Hills, Summerlin, Green Valley, Spring Valley, The Lakes, North Las Vegas, the East Side, Desert Shores = houses that look all the same for miles. And its too hot to do anything outside except for winter. I live in this hellhole, so take my word. Never come here. Ever. ...bitch
ME(raddest fuckin dude ever): I hate Las Vegas, I'm 15 and it's impossible to do anything in this shithole.

Anyone under 18 that lives in Vegas: He's right
by raddest fucking dude ever July 09, 2006
One of the worst places to live.. If you are under 18
why because minors have very little to do here except go to the adventure dome. ever since wet n' wild was torn down we suddenly have nothing to occupie us and there is an overwhelming amount of illegal imagrants moving here.
and its too hot in summer.

and on the east side where i live is the worst side to live on equal with the north town
too many drugs, gangs , and violence.
parents: omg i love las vegas!
kids: my high school sucks this city sucks
and i think im gonna go outside and get stabbed for my shoes.
by ayejay January 13, 2008
What happens here....will rot your soul!
Big fat Pig-dog, loser capital of the world.

Misogynistic, gun-loving, red-neck, drug addicts, who think that their desert toilet is the pinnacle of culture. LMAO!
Casinos love stupid people, and they are in Hog Heaven.
Actual attempted conversation with a local in Las Vegas, and the general mentality :

Local: ( Has only traveled as far as Utah, of course, was tweaking, and has family from an even worse shit-hole than Vegas.)
"Liberal! (They actually think that that's an insult, and ecology, higher education, science, intellect, anti-greed are bad things) Vegas is the best city in the world. Everybody knows that all men are born smarter than women, and all homeless people and blacks (word substitution) are criminals."

Me: Shuddered, cringed, found nearest exit, went home, packed-up, moved away.
by Vegassuks April 23, 2010
Sin City. What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. The gambling mecca of the United States and until recently, the fastest growing metro area in the country with some 2 million people. Las Vegas is pretty much nothing more than a giant cesspool caused by excessive gambling, quicky weddings to some broad you just met hours before, quicky divorces from some broad you just married after meeting hours prior (probably caused by the nonstop enormous availability of alcohol), the enormous availability of alcohol, drugs, adult entertainment despite prostitution being illegal, and violent crime. It’s the place a groom-to-be and his groomsmen go to have their bachelor party while the groom cheats on his soon-to-be wife with some cheap slut. This all makes Vegas a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and the epitome of America’s social ills. It may have been America’s fastest growing metropolitan area until recently, but it is single-handedly the worst place to live.

Outside the strip and most of the city limits, the metro area is now nothing but a giant suburb composed of cookiecutter housing developments that continue unabated for miles in each direction where every house and all neighborhoods look the exact same. In the summer you have to stay inside your suburban home because it’s too damn hot outside to do much of anything. And too many haughty Californians are flocking to this urban hellhole just because the housing costs are so much lower. The city is so sleazy and unwelcoming to family values that it is not the place to live if you are looking to find someone decent to settle down with and marry.
I have been to Las Vegas many times (for business) and hate it with a passion. It is sleazy, dirty, ghetto (even close to the Strip) and nothing more than a giant cesspool in the middle of the Mojave Desert. If your driving, just keep going ‘till you hit California or Utah. I can barely tollerate just stopping there for gas.
by krock1dk March 27, 2008
Here are just a few of the things you can do in Las Vegas that you'll regret later in life:

1. Get a tattoo.

2. Lose all your money at a casino.

3. Get kicked out of a casino.

4. Marry a Russian mail-order bride.

5. Get a soul patch that's actually made of someone's pubic hair.

6. Get AIDS or some other STD from a skanky whore.
And the list goes on and on.
by Kevin January 19, 2004
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