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What happens here....will rot your soul!
Big fat Pig-dog, loser capital of the world.

Misogynistic, gun-loving, red-neck, drug addicts, who think that their desert toilet is the pinnacle of culture. LMAO!
Casinos love stupid people, and they are in Hog Heaven.
Actual attempted conversation with a local in Las Vegas, and the general mentality :

Local: ( Has only traveled as far as Utah, of course, was tweaking, and has family from an even worse shit-hole than Vegas.)
"Liberal! (They actually think that that's an insult, and ecology, higher education, science, intellect, anti-greed are bad things) Vegas is the best city in the world. Everybody knows that all men are born smarter than women, and all homeless people and blacks (word substitution) are criminals."

Me: Shuddered, cringed, found nearest exit, went home, packed-up, moved away.
by Vegassuks April 23, 2010

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