A place where most tourist think is just place to have fun and always want to visit. But, outside that strip is a city with people who want to leave that dump.
' Las Vegas '

The Strip=Fun,gambling,partying

The rest of the City= the ghetto
by HelpMeNow! January 21, 2012
(1) where fine ass bitches get with ugly ass dudes.
(2) where beautiful(not cute, not pretty) girls that you would want to marry have fucked up twisted lives and are on drugs.
(1) did you see that ugly ass mexican dude in las vegas w/ that fine ass white girl? i wish i lived here to get that action.
(2) dude i kicked with that beautiful girl in las vegas but i started tripin when i saw how she was when she smoked that weed.
by tripped on 1 bitch February 10, 2009
Vastly overrated.

Retardedly, some people seem to think that no one actually inhabits Las Vegas.

It's also boring.
I've never seen a hooker, and casinos and gambling aren't a huge deal.

I don't live in a hotel, I live in a suburb.

Las Vegas is devoid of culture.
by yaoi-chan December 10, 2005
A city that's owned by the casino companies that have their businesses there.
Nowadays, casinos in Las Vegas rig their slot machines so that you'll never win unless you play continuously for 400 years.
by AYB July 01, 2003
An american city in nevada, it's basically in the middle of the fuckin desert. may have some nice casinos but mainly cactuses
person: so im from las vegas
me: oh yea that place in the middle of nowhere
person: nah mate we have nice suburbs and casinos and hotels and shit
me: and cactuses
person: and.......what?
me: cactuses
by thatguywhodidthatthingonetime December 14, 2013
That one place you never want remember or forget. IT's that place where you don't know why your in bed with a girl who claims to be engaged to you. It's pretty much Drunk town U.S.A.
Man: Who are you
Woman: Oh you remember..
Man: What?!
Woman: Baby don't you remember the chapel.
Man: Huh?
Woman :Your probably still drunk.
Man: Where am i
Woman: Las Vegas
Man :that explains it.
by meMEme February 21, 2012
A city full of judgemental ass holes! Everyone that lives here is in competition with each other. You can never do anything right! Anything you do can and WILL be used against you in every way possible. If you move here, you better make at least 80 grand a year and have an Ecalade or Lexus or something! The people of Vegas are very materialistic. You are classified under the things you have, not who you are! It's bull shit! When I turn 18, I am getting the fuck out of here and moving to Hawaii, where I can be myself! Vegas is a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kid whose dad makes 45 grand a year: Hey!
Kid whose dad makes 150 grand a year: Wutup?
Kid whose dad makes 45 grand a year: We just bought a new car!
Kid whose dad makes 150 grand a year: What did you get?
Kid whose dad makes 45 grand a year: A Ford Focus
Kid whose dad makes 150 grand a year: HA! Oh my God! You're a fucking faggot with a needledick! We just bought a Land Rover with 26's and a 64 foot yacht! If you ever talk to me again, I'll kick your ass! You better get the fuck out of Las Vegas!
by Anthony's friend Frankie October 03, 2006
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