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The arse and leg referred to as a whole
Guy 1:Check out her larse, it is fine
Guy 2: Nice, 10/10 would bang
by halfliesread October 18, 2013
The area between your legs and your arse. Presumably meeting the barse at some point, becoming the blarse.
Here is my larse
by "Crazy" Mikey Gray October 20, 2003
The tendency to write like a goddamn fucking idiot by writing half in capital letters and half in lowercase letters. A sign of douchefaggery.
"Tony is larsing again."
"What'd he type this time?"
"HEy. wE SHOulLD haNG oUT TOdaY."
"Ouch. That *is* a larse."
by tillersaurus May 14, 2010
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