1. This is a verb meaning to sexually harass and or solicit sexual acts from a member of the same sex; or

2. A noun for a gay conservative Republican who solicits sexual acts from strangers in public restrooms.
When I was in the bathroom this dude tried to Larry Craig me. I was flattered but not interested.


I was at the club, and this girl Larry-Craiged my girlfriend--that's the story of my first threesome.


Dude, you are such a Larry Craig.
by D.raywilliams2007 August 29, 2007
1. a closet homosexual Senator from Idaho who enjoys sex with random men in bathroom stalls.

2. accidently or intentionally dropping a piece of toilet paper and then reaching into another stall to grab it.
I was trying to read the sports page on the john just now and some asswipe larry craiged me.
by Webbsters November 01, 2007
Politically correct synonym for gay.
Jeff: Dude, I need a facial.

Jake: Dude, that's some Larry Craig shit.
by BravoIndiaTangoCharlieHotel August 15, 2008
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