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To get royally screwed. To get bent over without permission and penetrated from behind.
Damn, they treated him wrong. He got Larried.
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by Chrysoloras November 15, 2016
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pissed, drunk, wasted, wankered.
Comes from word "Larry" and/or "Larry Fish"
"I am so fuckin larried!"
by *~*Megalo*~* August 23, 2004
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Someone in a relationship that is effectively married, even before proposal, is said to be Larried.
Daniel: My long term girlfriend is going overseas for 6 months, im single now!
Marc: Don't be stupid.. You're SO Larried..
Daniel: Shutup.. I know.. *sigh*
by amhat August 10, 2010
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When a guy hits on a woman who is married and even though she states she is married and has no interest in this man, he keeps trying And becomes obsessed.
Janet: that guy I met at the bar will not leave me alone. He keeps texting me, sending me Facebook messages and wants to marry me after one night. I even told him I was married.
Natalie: haha you got larried!!!
Janet: I did! Darn it!
by Ndgirl14 February 11, 2014
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