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When you laugh so much you sound like your having an orgasm
Teresa: "Whats that noise"
Niamh: "I think its that girl"
Teresa: "Is she having a largasm"
Niamh: "Im pretty sure, shes been laughing for a while"
by Niamh Clarke and Teresa Walsh December 09, 2008
An orgasm so extreme that only few have experienced a true largasm. Typically only achieved from a person living in the State of Rhode Island. It can only be recieved from an individual who is very experienced in this field of sexual knowledge. Not everyone is prepared to experience one. For some it is too much to handle. Its orignal meaning derives from a person's last name.
--She is largasmic
--She experienced the power of the largasm and was well pleased
by NPL May 10, 2005
A word that is supposed to describe the orgasm of a specific person, however the prefix of the word (larg) actually means extremely idiotic fag.
He wanted to sound cool, so he said he had a largasm.
by nicksAfag August 14, 2005
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