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A place where you are going to run into wannabe hicks, emos, sluts, jocks, and just plain joes. There is nothing to do here unless walking around Wal-Mart and trying to get kicked out or seeing a movie every weekend tickles your fancy. Lapeer is very spread apart, meaning if you want to go to your friends house it may take 20 - 25 minutes to get there. There is two highschools in Lapeer, East and West. West is known for their athletics and their you will find many of those wannabe hicks i mentioned earlier there and way to many girls with fake hair died to the blackest they can get it. East is more known for their academics and their you will find a bunch of nerds, a slew of emos that hang at one or two areas in the school, jocks who are total assholes, and overly bronzed girls who like to get fucked up every weekend. Wether you like it or not living in when Lapeer, you will have drama. Welcome to the lovely place called Lapeer!
Joe: You going to Lapeer for the weekend?

You: Yes, i am!

Joe: Good luck finding anything to do or people to meet!
by lallalolol December 29, 2010
A small hick-town consisting of Michiganian rednecks, scene/emo kids trying to be cool, white boy "bloods and cryps", white trash, and very few normal people who try like hell to get the fuck away but somehow are just stuck in this tiny shitty town.

Also known as L-town.
Normal person: "What the fuck is that kid doing? Lapeer is so fucked up."

Scene kid: "I'm diggin this rad shit" (whilst getting a tattoo of a razor blade slitting his wrist.)"Fuck yeah! L-town forever!"
by anonymous---- September 01, 2008
Lapeer is the town of red neck hicks, wanna be gangster white boys, and way too happy emos. Lapeer consists of 2 highschools. West is more for ur red-necks, East for ur wangsters. Both schools however have bitches and a whole lotta sluts.
Joe: "Hey I heard U went to Lapeer this weekend."

Kate: "Yea, saw 2 fights between wanna be gangsters. Priceless."

Joe: "Typical"
by KateyB April 24, 2011
A hick town with absoulutly nothing to do...
Man Lapeer sucks!!!!
by BlackToxin August 29, 2008
like the gayest place ever!
everyone is mean.
and the schools are suckish!
person 1: why dont we drive to lapeer to go out to eat?
person 2(aka smarter person): HECK NO! lapeer stinks, id rather go out to eat in pontiac and risk being shot!
by sweetinator88 August 29, 2008
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