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The act of getting pranked and/or pranking someone out of "Love".
I totally got lanked last night!! They said it was out of love but i dunno...
by Cptn Obvious July 20, 2010
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The feeling which occurs after one has stayed up past his sleep cycle such that the body has abandoned its "go to sleep" feeling and has shifted into a light buzz.

It is comparable to the lingering buzz that remains in the morning after a night of drinking, because the body is rather awake yet clearly not fully sober.
KATE: John, go to bed. Aren't you sleepy? You were dozing off at your desk a few hours ago.

JOHN: Yeah, but the sleepy part of my cycle is over. It's back into awake mode, so I'm lanked now.
by PaleBlueYacht February 20, 2011
Word for being out of it, sleepy, and a very low amount of tolerance or attention span all at once.
Dudw I]m so lanked i can't tye wort a sit
by Arch0wl April 05, 2004

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