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LANIEY- is a beautiful person with a beautiful heart! Lanieys usually come with amazingly Gorgeous blue eyes that most will notice at just a glance, and then get lost in them for a life time if she allows it. She is an extraordinary Artist and can sing a world to Peace. Through out her life only those that truly love her will ever be able to spell her name correctly. She is sensitive but in a big hearted kind of way, she lives to make others happy. But doesn't know that her smile alone can heal a broken heart. The Most Best Friend you could ever be blessed with.
Laniey like Laney Boggs on the movie "She's All That" with Freddie Prinze Jr and Rachael Leigh Cook.

Pronounced~ LAY-NEE

"Laniey is Unique like her name"

by Amajus February 02, 2010
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