Landon. Its the name that describes the most amazing person you will ever meet. Though a tempermental kind of person, he is also very thoughtful and giving. He is the best friend you've always needed..and the most amazing lover you could ever dream of. He has big dreams and high expectations. He's not afraid of anything. Landon is quite the man.
Friend #1 "Girl, I need a man! Not a boy..A MAN!"
Friend #2 "Girl, what you need is a Landon!!"
by ureverything February 05, 2010
He is the most sweetest guy, steals your heart, but treats you like you have never been treated before, knows how to make your knees weak, and your legs quiver. Defintely handsome, with a strong jaw, and broad shoulders, knows how to treat a lady!! Makes you fall deeply in love with him. Very polite, great manners, and very sweet, His gaze will make you melt.
Landon :love of your life
by lovergirllove February 04, 2010
Cool, charming kid who likes to hang out with his friends. Sleeps in his underwear and makes lots of jokes. Runs away from all of the girls who crush on him. His squad always backs him up .
"Dude, I think that kid is such a Landon"
by eat sleep ball December 29, 2015
Landon is honestly the perfect guy. He knows exactly what to say to warm a girl's heart. Many girls are jealous of his girlfriend. He is tall, athletic and definitely a gentleman. Landon is always funny and can make any girl blush. Landon is the perfect guy
Girl1- dude, look how charming that guy is
Girl2- he must be a landon
by Mr. Joeswager March 31, 2016
Probably the coolest dude you know! Lowkye probably also looks like a dog.
Person 1 : " wow that dude has a face of a landon"
Person 2 : "thats actually a dog..."
by 677362626 March 10, 2016
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