He is the most sweetest guy, steals your heart, but treats you like you have never been treated before, knows how to make your knees weak, and your legs quiver. Defintely handsome, with a strong jaw, and broad shoulders, knows how to treat a lady!! Makes you fall deeply in love with him. Very polite, great manners, and very sweet, His gaze will make you melt.
Landon :love of your life
by lovergirllove February 04, 2010
Landon. Its the name that describes the most amazing person you will ever meet. Though a tempermental kind of person, he is also very thoughtful and giving. He is the best friend you've always needed..and the most amazing lover you could ever dream of. He has big dreams and high expectations. He's not afraid of anything. Landon is quite the man.
Friend #1 "Girl, I need a man! Not a boy..A MAN!"
Friend #2 "Girl, what you need is a Landon!!"
by ureverything February 05, 2010
A gay rainforest animal
OH NO! look its a landon!" "RUN!
by Fagface douche nigger August 11, 2011
A slang word for saying, "see you soon", "see you shortly".
Joe: Ah nice seeing you today!
Mike: Yeah it was!
Joe: Landon man!

Mike: Landon.
by Yesboy123 October 04, 2011
the inability to make up your mind or know what you want.
He was being all 'landon' about it.
by yourworstnightmareinadarkalley August 23, 2011
A school for rich predominatly white youth from the Western DC metro area, who have no conact with anything remotely urban. School colors: brown, orange. School sport: lacrosse. School hobby: cheating on the SATs. School motto: "I buy my way through life" or "i will make a tremendous douche someday"
"I go to Landon, therefore I need to cheat on the SATs because I can't read good" - Typical Landon student
by DC Info March 22, 2005
Landon is the funniest, handsomest, most charming young man one would have the pleasure of meeting. He is wise beyond his years, and he knows who he is and who he wants to become. He has a quiet confidence, yet he is anything but arrogant. Landon is a wonderful friend who cares, listens, gives and encourages. Landon is a best friend, and someone who anyone would be lucky to have in their life.
Everyone loves Landon.

Landon is a role model for all young men.
by m4peace June 06, 2010

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