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An ugly or fat girl.

A person who has sex with a fat and/or ugly girl is called a Land Monster Slayer.

If you know anyone who has sex with fat or ugly girls, it would be correct to begin referring to them as a Land Monster Slayer, because they, in effect, defeated the Land Monster at her horrible game.
Guy 1: "Those 2 chicks over are total land monsters."
Guy 2: "Definitely, man. I haven't gotten any in a while. Want to go slay the land monsters with me tonight?"
by Land Monster Slayer May 08, 2006
someone that is so huge and awful they remind everyone of a giant beast that use to roam the earth in prehistoric times. they don't know how to clean themselves and shit every where.
are you drunk enough to hook up with that land monster over there.
yes, very much so
by hammer September 17, 2002
This breed is normally found at the end of the bar/pub looking for any guy to take down (home). They are normally disgusting, fat and unless you are 13 shots, 7 beers and a few Mind Erasers would never, ever even think of hitting it. They do seem to attract the drunkest of the drunks when courting a mate. The unlucky soul who gets attacked by such a beast usually finds himself scurrying around in the morning wondering where he is and what the F is that on the bed.
Holy shit, did you see that Land Monster Tony took down last night? She was hideous.

Look at all those land monsters over there, I'll pay you 20 bucks to sleep with one of them...
by JCN November 14, 2006
A girl that is all hot shit in high school... then goes to college and drinks and gets fat, gets disgusting looking and then still acts like she's hot shit. She then tries to hit on all the hot dudes, even though they want nothing to do with her.
"Hey Man did you see all those land monsters at that frat party?"
by Jason Jensen August 02, 2005
a VERY unattractive woman.
That landmonster needs to go back home and hide in a closet.
by mr.gregg November 11, 2006
An extremely large or fat woman. Comes from the term "sea monster" and describes one huge bitch.
Dude, check out that land monster Stacey. She is a huge bitch!
by Neil Altensee November 26, 2006
A person so large and/or fat that when you are close to them, you think of them less as an individual and more as a dangerous obstacle. Concerns include being crushed, knocked over, sat on, suffocated, etc.
On the way up, this huge landmonster got in and we were all squeezed up against the walls. I thought she was going to break the elevator.
by Rick Was Here June 13, 2009
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