go to a camping space and reserve a large piece of land, presumably for friends who run late.
Done often with various pieces of luggage.
Use four baskets to define the edges of large piece of land
by Wolfram March 25, 2004
The disgusting girls that sailors scoop up at when they come ashore. Also can be used to describe any nasty girl a guy picked up at a bar.
"Dude, you were wasted last night. You should have seen the 'land grab' you were kissing!"
by Mike S. March 24, 2004
v. The amount of skin a drunk woman will allow a man to grope before she feels he has "gone too far".
I made out with Sheila at the bar, and it turned into a land grab, but she stopped me before I could get in her pants.
by allison March 23, 2004
What the US Government and other countries did to tribal peoples already living on the American continent.

Any appropriation of real estate that wasn't originally yours.
Joe used to have only five acres of property, but he made a huge land grab and now he has fifty.
by Athene Airheart March 20, 2004
Gaining land through attacking in online strategy games such as Ambar.
Keep your troops home for now, we are gonna make a huge land grab in a little while.
by Argoth March 24, 2004
When you invade another country and take over... keeping their resources and obviously... land... for yourself.
This is what Israel DID NOT do considering that Israeli land was bought for England completely legally.
by Alex August 07, 2004
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