lampard is the word used to describe someone who is a bit special or retarded. it is also the name of a school in the uk.
"look at that lampard"
"your a lampard"
"stop bein such a lampard"
by king paddy June 27, 2004
Top Definition
the fit midfield football player who plays for chelsea and england (no. 8). Aslo know as lamps.
'look at lampard he is so fit'
'lampard scored'
by **sojealousofelenrives** July 05, 2006
Wide of the mark; Hopelessly off target; A serious disappointment.

After Chelsea FC goalless football player Frank Lampard who was the most inaccurate player in the 2006 FIFA World Cup, with 24 shots of which only 11 were on target and 0 (that's ZERO) found the back of the net, including his penalty kick against Portugal in the quarter final.

Antonym: zidane
He shoots....... Goal kick...... What a Lampard.

That's the second Lampard he's kicked today.

Tiger Woods just hit the worst Lampard of his career, his ball is in the crowd.

If he carries on bowling Lampards like that, there'll be more Extras than Runs on the score sheet.

Keep out of the way, he's pissed as a newt, and his arrows are all Lampards.
by ud40 July 06, 2006
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