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the act of pooing oneself unknowingly.
What's that smell? Oh man, I think Chris just lamkined himself again...Chris, do you need to use the little boy's room?" Chris: I don't think ...yup.. yes I do
#poo #smelly #weak #hairy #fat
by NJGroff April 11, 2011
ginger kid
Howdy Doody & Nate are Lamkins, let's go kick them!
#ginger #red #avi fag #gamer #homo
by Erin Wells August 31, 2010
The act of shanking a golf ball into the woods.
He beat his driver into the ground after he lamkined his golf ball into the woods.
#shank #slice #draw #fade #miss
by Bubba Caro August 18, 2010
A rare birth defect resulting in skinny ankles. Those individuals with Lamkii (plural) are easily crossed over and have generally weaker attributes. There have also been recent studies by the C.H.R.I.S. (Curative Hairy Remedy Institute of Study) that show a direct link between skinny ankles and hairy chests.
Basketball Player 1: "Man, you got OWNED back there, he really crossed you up!" Basketball Player 2: " I know, I know my Lamkii was really acting up today.. Seriously G, my ankles were straight BONES.. I need to see a doctor, It's getting worse." Basketball Player 1: "for sure bro.. thats DEFINITELY some crazy Lamkin"
#skinny #ankles #weak #hairy #bones #cross-over
by NJGroff April 29, 2011
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