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Lambda Phi Epsilon (ΛΦΕ, also known as LPhiE or LFE) is an internationally-recognized Asian-interest fraternity based in the United States. Lambda Phi Epsilon's goals include servicing the community through various philanthropies, increasing Asian awareness, promoting academic scholarship, and strengthening the Asian American voice on campus. Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Inc. is currently the largest Asian-interest fraternity with a total of 50 chapters in the United States and Canada, and continues to expand to other campuses every year.
J: "Hey George, I'm thinking about rushing Lambda Phi Epsilon!"
G: "That's cool John! They did a bone marrow philanthropy drive which saved my sister!"
by studentlife10 May 26, 2010
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Not satisfied with the single Asian fraternity on the campus aka bitches of University of California, Los Angeles, Lambda Phi Epsilon was founded on February 25, 1981, by principal founder Mr. Craig Ishigo and a group of eighteen other dedicated men. Noticing that Asian fraternities and sororities at the UC campuses were recognized as only service organization due to their memberships focus on Asians and to the exclusion of other ethnic groups, the goal of the founders was to transcend this limitation.
Burning the Lambda fire, Bleeding the Lambda Blue, and Living the Lambda LiFE.
LFE till the day i die
The largest and ONLY internationally recognized asian interest fraternity in the WORLD.
Lambda Phi Epsilon.

by danddda December 01, 2006
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Lambda Phi Epsilon is not a is a brotherhood. We are not your typical frat, we actually do shit...we volunteer, do service events. So don't hate when you see a Lambda is walking among grateful that he is near your presence....

P.S : Im guessin all these hateful notes about Lambdas are created by the PaPhi?? pineapples??? fruits??
Paphi are hating on lambdas b/c they Dp. Lambda Phi Epsilon is the shit. You know this for sure
by HyPHy Kid PbL February 28, 2007
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Hazing incidents

In 2005, Jack Phoummarath, an 18 year old pledge at the University of Texas, died from alcohol poisoning in what was described by his family as a hazing incident. Three former leaders of the chapter pled no contest. A settlement was reached with the fraternity for 4.2 million. The fraternity organization did not have insurance, and was unable to pay the entire settlement.

In 2013 Lambda Phi Epsilon was banned from San Francisco State University after the death of 18 year old pledge Peter Tran. The University determined that the death was alcohol related from a hazing incident.

$4.2 MILLION? Have you no shame?
Lambda Phi Epsilon - BBB worst rated fraternity.
by lose_is_lose November 22, 2013
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A bunch of Asian guys who think they are a gang, but they are just an underground fraternity because they got caught hazing
Friend: Does Lambda Phi Epsilon even go here?
Me: Nope, they are banned for hazing.
Friend: Why is the chapter still here when they are not recognize by the National Lambda Phi Epsilon board?
Me: They want to look hard
by thereveletaionspeaks September 23, 2015
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