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Texting or web abbreviation meaning "Laughing Forever". Used when something is so funny that every time you think about it you have to laugh again. Also can be used to express that something is funny enough that you anticipate it being laughed at for a longer time than usual. LFE is appropriate for when LOL, LMAO or ROFLMAO just don't properly express how funny something is.
That shit was hilarious... LFE
by superflydillious May 21, 2011
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Learn From Experience

A doctrine which puts forth that all experiences can be learned from in order to further an individual, and educate them.
"How come whenever I drop acid it ends up bad, but whenever you do its good?"

"Because I LFE, instead of doing all the stupid stuff you do over and over again"

"Thanks Dude"
by Lain-Iwakura May 15, 2009

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