Largy popular death metal, heavy metal, or death speed metal band. Lamb of God started out as Burn the priest from 1994-1999 when they were shunned and thought of as Devil worshipers and a satanic band. Often mistaked as a christian band as you can see in the music video for "Redneck" off of their '06 album Sacrament.

Deep and powerful vocals thanks to Randy Blythe. Fast passed heavy and powerful, sophysticated and complicated perfectly timed double bass play and riffs. No 1980s metal band

shredding guitar solos just pure raw unrelentless power! You have to be one of the most inapte retarded mentally challenged deaf and incapible people living on this earth if you honestly would label them as "Metal core" or Nu Rock.

SlipKnot was one of the pioneers of Metal. Then Log came in and fucked up the waves of death metal.

Newely arising bands such as Atreyu, KSE, The D. Wears

Prada, AJFAC ( A job for a cowboy), are no oposition for LOG. LOG is one of the pioneers of Death metal.

I personally consider them

"Death Speed Metal"

They are death metal but they are heavy and speedy (fast)

Over all thwy are one of themost devoted Arrists out there! Keep it up Guys!
Lamb of God, LOG,
by Bullet805 July 30, 2009
Famous for the wall of death.
Where a bunch of crazy motherfuckers charge eachother like in brave heart. Beautiful to watch from a distance but if your in the wall of death, chances are you'll get trampled
sally- how was the lamb of god show last night?
marry- my asshole is still bleeding
by Russian Mike September 28, 2004
One of the greatest metal bands to grace our world. No, they're not Christian. They're truth.
by Jason Voorhees October 25, 2003
Yes a truly hardcore growling band that rips the anus indeed.
Dude your ears are bleeding!
Been to a Lamb of God show?
by Jerry July 17, 2003
Insane band that kicks the asshole really hard. Formerly known as Burn The Priest. Could be mistaken at first as a christian band, but is really the opposite, and is better than Jesus in every way.
eat my cockslacdsaf
by =sfgsd May 18, 2003
One of the best metalcore bands out there. If you were to make a sexual equivalent to listening to Lamb of God, it'd be trying to deepthroat a tree stump.
If you say you like metal, but don't like Lamb of God, you're a fuckin' fag and a goddamn liar.
by Garret February 03, 2005
A heavy-metal band from Richmond, VA. They use pulsive tactics in their music, and write insane riffs to their songs, which gave them the popularity they have today. Lamb of God is not a Christian band, but they're not a Devil-warshipping band. Although if they had to be thought of as one thing, they'd rather be known as a Christian band.

Lamb of God is one of the most well-known heavy-metal bands and is recognized by almost every heavy-metal fan out there. If you listen to heavy-metal, and never have heard of Lamb of God, then this band is for you. For being around since 1994, and creating their first cd in 2000, they have created 3 cds. A new cd is coming in late August, 2006.

CDs released:

New American Gospel - 2000
As The Palaces Burn - 2002
Ashes of the Wake - 2004
Sacrament - 2006

Formerly, they were known as Burn the Priest, in which the name was switched when Will Adler came into Lamb of God. (see Burn the Priest for further info.)
Lamb of Gods' concerts are played perfect.
by Brett1014 June 24, 2006
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