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Lamb of God are quite possibly the finest metal (note I said metal, not some fucking technical sub-genre bullshit because for some reason every fuck who listens to metal wants to identify their bands as one fucking subgenre, fuck that, it's all metal, some is shit and some is good, deal with it. Fuckers.) band to appear on earth, ever.

They fuck shit up, fucking sick guitars, brutal drums, tearing bass and, of course, FUCKING SICK VOCALS.

Lamb of God practically hold the same status amongst people who appreciate real music as Jesus does amongst Christ-lovers.

Thus, dissing Lamb of God is essentially blasphemy against good music, and should most definitely be punished by a good whipping.

Fuck you if you don't like Lamb of God, I hope you end up with a garotte around your neck, struggling to breathe as the pummeling brutality of Pariah forces itself into your pathetic mind.

You fucks.
Respectable, intelligent person: "I like Lamb of God, respect their talent, and enjoy the excellent and technically amazing music they produce."

Fuckhead: "Lam of godz r terriibl, tha gai cnt evn sng! He jzt, lyk, yelz? WTF?!"

Lynch mob of Lamb fans: *Lynches fuckhead.*
by AbsenceOfTheSacred April 30, 2009
44 28
One of the best metal bands to come around in years. Their music is brutal and devastating and rocks.
Did you get the new Lamb Of God album "As The Palaces Burn"?
by Laurence April 15, 2004
1473 343
A band. A good band.
Lamb of god, they sure are good.
by Corey D. January 30, 2004
989 290
Famous for the wall of death.
Where a bunch of crazy motherfuckers charge eachother like in brave heart. Beautiful to watch from a distance but if your in the wall of death, chances are you'll get trampled
sally- how was the lamb of god show last night?
marry- my asshole is still bleeding
by Russian Mike September 28, 2004
832 192
One of the greatest metal bands to grace our world. No, they're not Christian. They're truth.
by Jason Voorhees October 25, 2003
700 261
Yes a truly hardcore growling band that rips the anus indeed.
Dude your ears are bleeding!
Been to a Lamb of God show?
by Jerry July 17, 2003
569 153
Insane band that kicks the asshole really hard. Formerly known as Burn The Priest. Could be mistaken at first as a christian band, but is really the opposite, and is better than Jesus in every way.
eat my cockslacdsaf
by =sfgsd May 18, 2003
721 425
One of the best metalcore bands out there. If you were to make a sexual equivalent to listening to Lamb of God, it'd be trying to deepthroat a tree stump.
If you say you like metal, but don't like Lamb of God, you're a fuckin' fag and a goddamn liar.
by Garret February 03, 2005
479 260