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The sexual technique of receving two phalluses at the same time, one in both the oral and anal cavity. The maneuver is performed with two males in a standing position and a female in a crouch position to give the illusion of the proverbial "lamb" being roasted on a spit.
"Man, me and a guy totally lamb roasted this chick last night"
"Yo babe, you want to lamb roast tonight at my crib?"
"Biatch, GTF onta me an' my homie's dongs before I pop a cap in yo' mane!"
by Colonel Wafflejaw October 09, 2006
28 20
when someone (chase walker) sucks a dick and takes it from behind at the same time
Chase walker
by kyle short February 13, 2004
107 19
Sexual position involving 3 people. A person (usu. a girl) on all fours sucks a dick and takes a dick from behind doggy-style. Also known as the "spit roast"and the "Devil's 3-way"
Nick, Steve and Andrea fired up a lamb roast last night.
by Bluesbunny June 21, 2009
21 7
When a female takes is in doggy-style position and has a cock in her mouth while taking it from behind.
Wow, can that Amanada Lowe ever take the lamb roast!

And Michelle Shewells sick
by annonymous January 09, 2004
26 17
A sexual activity, where two males are having sex with a female. The female must be willing and usually enjoys sex (hurting for a squirting).The first male will be attending to the vagina, while the second male is receiving oral sex from the female. Thus creating the illusion of a Lamb being roasted on a spit.
Derek and Jim, took amy into the closet and amy blew Jim while Derek was railing her from behind, Lambroast
by hawkfucker905 November 06, 2009
7 0
dawes most hated meal after he he had to give up a friutini to eat one with his family.
dawes could murder a lamb roast....with a 6 inch kitchen knife!
by masterofrpg March 30, 2004
7 33