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A team which is defeated single handedly.
Crushed by one man in a cricket match.
Sri Lanka was Lalafied on November 20, 2011 at Sharjah.
by Sleepingprankster November 23, 2011
-A team which is defeated single handed.
-Crushed by one man in a game of cricket.
-One against eleven.
Sri Lanka was Lalafied at Sharjah on 20th November 2011.
by Charming Leo December 01, 2011
the celebration of Shahid Khan Afridi after taking a wicket,a player of the Pakistan cricket team.This is a pose struck by him in which he lifts both his arms up above his head wid his Shahada fingers extended to the heavens and spreads his legs and stares.
by Amjad Saeed Dibba November 21, 2011
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