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A team which is defeated single handedly.
Crushed by one man in a cricket match.
Sri Lanka was Lalafied on November 20, 2011 at Sharjah.
by Sleepingprankster November 23, 2011
A common term used in Pakistan, specially Punjab area to denote extremely lame jokes.

Person A: *picks up object* "What is this?"
Person B: *picks up identical object* "It's this!"

Person A: ...
Person B: *cracks up but slows to a stop at lack of response*

Person A: ....Chawal
by Sleepingprankster November 19, 2010
Faisalabad is the third largest city of Pakistan which is located in the province of Punjab.

Due to its huge textile industry it is known as the Manchester of Pakistan.

Faisalabadi's are famous for their " Juggats"
Some Guy: Where are you from?
Other Guy: I am from Faisalabad
by Sleepingprankster November 19, 2010
The unstoppable love for Shahid Afridi, when a person talks about Shahid Afridi 24/7.
Lalaism was at it's peak in Pakistan on November 20, 2011.
by Sleepingprankster November 23, 2011
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